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The Finest Italian Restaurant in Mactan Island

La Bella is an Italian restaurant in Mactan Island serving a delectable selection of original Italian pizza that every avid pizza lover should try. Using only the finest ingredients, our pizzas are baked fresh every time and come with just the right thinness that make them truly hard to resist. We also serve an array of pasta, salads and desserts to complete your dining experience. Nothing beats the homemade taste and that’s exactly what we have to offer.

With our restaurant only a few minutes from the airport in Mactan Cebu and just a hundred meters from Chika-an on airport road, we’re hard to miss. So if you’re feeling Italian, come on over to the resto and experience the best of Italy.

Authentic Italian Pizza Restaurant Like No Other

La Bella brings this all-time favorite in a great variety of flavors to suit different tastes. At La Bella, we have everything you could ever ask for in an Italian pizza restaurant. Explore our wide menu to see what we have to offer and find flavors that might catch your fancy.

Our restaurant is conveniently located near the airport. So if you’re craving for some Italian pizza near the Mactan airport, you know where to go or who to call. La Bella offers airport food delivery as well as in the Mactan and Mandaue areas.

We have an online shop showcasing our entire menu making it easier for you to find and select the flavors of your choice. Browse our menu today and place your order.

Have a Taste of Original Italian Pizza

La Bella Mactan Italian pizza restaurant offers a range of pizza and pasta with only the best ingredients. With our food selection, there’s no need to travel to Italy to taste and experience its scrumptious cuisine. Just visit us at our restaurant and you be the judge.

Craving for airport pizza? Not a problem. We are located only a few minutes from the airport and we deliver! La Bella also serves breakfast so start your day with us. Contact us today!


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